Elprotronic Gang Programmers

Elprotronic Gang xstream programmer

The most cost effective solution for flashing code into single or multiple ARM Cortex devices: XStream Flash Programmer Adaptor (FPA).

Comes with its own GUI software and capable of programming one MCU or 100’s of MCU’s at the same time. Recognized by most chip-vendors as a leading flash programming production tools, XStream sets the standard for fast deployment of 100’s of target boards simultaneously for either field testing or even full production.

Elprotronic Gang Programmer Setup

XStream Features:

Data transfer up to 1 Mbytes/s

JTAG/SWD speed up to 20 MHz

Galvanic Isolation 2.5 kV

Vcc: 1.65 – 4.0 V, current up to 200 mA

Current measurements 20uA – 500 mA

Up to 64 adapters can be connected to one PC

Each adapter can program 6 devices (Total 384 target board)

Checksum verification

No Code size limitations

Full memory or page-memory erase capability

Easy to use Windows based GUI (comes with API version too)

Comply with FCC and CE requirements

XStream Flashers and Gang Programmers support most Chip-vendors ARM devices from STMicro, NXP, Atmel, SiLab as well as TI MSP430, TI Chipcon & TI C2000. They come ready to be used out-of-the-box with an easy to use software interface.

GangFlashing & Testing Fixture

We also offer “Integrated Programming Fixtures”, a service of creating custom GangFlashing & Testing Fixtures for customers in needs of setting up multiple gang-flashing on site. For more : Integrated Programming Fixture

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*XStreamTM is a trade mark of Elprotronic Inc, 35 Austin Rumble Crt. King City ON, L7B 0B2