Over-The-Air Anomaly Monitoring and Diagnostics, DevAlert offers a Device Feedback Loop and automatic reporting of software issues occurring in real-world usage of any IoT based device back to the product development team. DevAlert is a full cloud-connected monitoring framework for RTOS-based IoT and Edge devices. Using real-time anomaly reporting combined with diagnostic information, DevAlert provides you detailed information on bugs and anomalies.


Why DevAlert?

End users have problems with their devices all the time and the developers are largely unaware. So what if you can automatically capture these real-world issues in a systematic way and get details diagnostics on every occurrence? With a secure IoT connectivity, DevAlert’s cloud-based service makes this possible. DevAlert provides real-world feedback allowing for rapid continuous improvement of the device software.

As a result, product sales are bound to improve as you can more quickly catch and resolve lingering bugs after the very first occurrence before most of the users have even noticed any problem.

Benefits of DevAlert

Improves your product reliability and reduces liability risk as well as costs for customer support returns and debugging of customers’ issues. 

Provides feedback on real-world product performance, allowing for improving key performance metrics and the overall user experience so you can make a great product that beats the competition.

Allows you to monitor anything that is observable in the software with the only limit being your imagination. You can learn about deployment issues and their diagnostic solutions in real-time as soon as they appear, granting you faster problem solving and update deployment.

A device feedback loop that allows for continuous software improvement not only by fixing bugs but also security performance and user experience.   By learning what issues have leaked into production, you can plug those holes in your testing to prevent any future issues.

You get a realistic virtual device running in your browser; a real RTOS application running in QEMU complete with source code, development tools and environment simulator with DevAlert already integrated.

Instant awareness of software issues and remote debugging, all without a physical debug port.

Track issues automatically from device to cloud to desktop and find quickly solutions thanks to remote debugging support.

How does DevAlert work?

DevAlert offers a cloud-based monitoring service that can be accessed by using a web browser and provides a dashboard with an overview of all reports from the entire device fleet. Reports can be grouped either by the type of issue or by the firmware revision number. This makes it easy to see if any new issues would appear after an update and to ensure that less frequent issues won’t drown in a flood of data.  The dashboard can also provide a link to specific reports and provide their proper diagnostics.

By using the integrated TraceAlyzer tool, you can drill down and analyze traces of the anomalies direct from the dashboard. You can also view additional details and what the software was doing just before the anomaly was received or detected.

DevAlert by default comes with a reference implementation for AWS but other cloud vendors can also be supported.

DevAlert Evaluation – SandBox

DevAlert Sandbox is available for you to take DevAlert for a FREE limited-time test drive. It makes it easy to experience DevAlert yourself and explore the capabilities and insight it provides. You can easily trigger anomalies that are hidden in the demo application and see how they’re detected and reported with DevAlert.

Fill in the free signup below and we will send you back your own FREE sandbox to start testing the value of DevAlert. In just five minutes, you can get started.

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