Why Emprog?

Emprog Embedded Suite is a collection of tools & solutions that embedded system engineers need to set up their development environment. With Emprog ThunderBench, Embedded Wizard, XStream and Embedded GUI Services you will experience a better out-of-the-box experience and even better LIVE technical support than any other proprietary tools vendor. Furthermore, you will benefit from high quality tools, exceptional compiler technology, and community support that no proprietary tools vendor can match.

With Emprog ThunderBench, the embedded development community finally has the option of using not only a robust toolset, but can also enjoy these age old desired benefits:

• No need for code porting between different IDEs when changing devices.
• No longer stuck in a sticky proprietary development solution.
• No need to accept risking maintenance fees from proprietary vendors.
• No need to worry about lack of individualized LIVE technical support.
• Emprog offers professional LIVE technical support on its tool set.
• No need to look for header files, BSPs or loaders; they are all provided as part of the integration.

Emprog ThunderBench is complemented by the introduction of ThunderCloud. Harnessing the power of connectivity, you no longer need to update your tools, get a patch, or pay for a new upgrade just to get the latest BSPs for new MCUs. ThunderCloud is a cloud based repository of BSPs and is available to all ThunderBench users.

Emprog also offers an Embedded Graphical User Interface. Embedded Wizard is a leading GUI framework designed from the ground up with embedded Microcontroller programming in mind. Embedded Wizard is written in Object Oriented C++ that unlocks the graphical user interface on your embedded hardware. It lets you create high-end GUIs that meet today’s smartphone standards using limited MCU resources at a fraction of the cost. (No need to learn C++ to use Embedded Wizard).

If you think Flashers and Gang Programmers for mass production, XStream is a high speed MCU flasher and Gang programmer for ARM Cortex devices. If you need to flash one or 100’s of target boards, then XStream is the right Flashing adaptor for your need.
• Data transfer up to 1 Mbytes/s.
• JTAG/SWD speed up to 20 MHz.
• Galvanic Isolation 2.5 kV.
• Up to 64 adapters, one PC.
• FCC / CE test certification.

Embedded Digital Graphical Design Services directly from Emprog. To complement Embedded Wizard embedded GUI, Emprog offers services by a team of 100+ digital art designers specialized in embedded graphical design of menus, widgets, animations, screens and any display layout needed.

We also offer a complete buildup service of your embedded GUI prototype to validate your Proof of Concept. One to two weeks and you get a ready-to-show UI prototype.

Finally, the popularity of Cortex/ARM 32-bit high performance and low-power consumption devices has made some of the internal performance differences between cross-compilers technologies negligible in any application size. The main differentiating factors are which tool technology will be there for you to avoid future code migration and getting quality support and service from the vendor of your choice.

The Emprog Team