Why Emprog?

Why Emprog?

With Emprog as your USA representative and added value reseller, small or mid-size companies in Europe or Asia will get much more back from Emprog.

Emprog as your local USA SALES office

Our team will handle all sales interactions and negotiations in the Americas on behalf of our vendor-partners, conduct lead qualifications, ensure consistent sales efforts, persistent follow-ups, diligently fill sales info into whatever CRM system used by our partner, and aggressively pursue any interest with convincing sales arguments.

• Emprog will provide sales analysis report, create sales pipeline, and work directly with our vendor-partners on improving the product offering for the American market.

• Emprog will put persistent sales efforts to pursue and chase maintenance or warranty renewal orders (if any), which is an area often neglected by small to medium size businesses.

Emprog as your local USA MARKETING

We will create and contribute to our vendor-partner’s marketing efforts via social media platform using Twitter, campaign promotions, web sponsorships, paid online advertisements, and the creation of promotional YouTube videos if needed.

• Emprog will handle from A to Z any trade show or event or seminar tour in the Americas on behalf of our vendor-partners. That include signup, setup, logistics, booth staffing and post-show follow ups.

• Emprog will use its database to promote our partner’s product. Quickly reach to thousands of embedded programming users who have already expressed interest in embedded development tools and other embedded solutions

Emprog as your local USA OPERATION & LOGISTICS

• Emprog will provide our vendor-partners a local US address & presence.

• Will offer ability to take orders in local USD currency, invoice US customers, and collect payments (checks, Credit Cards, ACH and other methods).

• In case of hardware products, Emprog can act as a local US based stock facility managing order taking, shipping, delivering anywhere in the USA. This makes it easier to deliver your product in the US market at much reduced shipping cost.


• Emprog will provide business development services to our vendor-partners by creating an eco-system for our partners with other established companies.

• Use Emprog business relation contacts to better position our vendor-partners as part with large companies and major accounts.

For more information please check our prospectus.

The Emprog Team