Ashling MIPS and ARC Tools


OPELLA-XD is a high-speed cJTAG/JTAG debug probe for embedded development on Synopsys’ DesignWare ARC configurable RISC cores. Developed in cooperation with Synopsys, the Opella-XD probe integrates with the MetaWare or GNU GDB Debuggers under Windows or Linux based hosts.

• Supports all Synopsys DesignWare ARC processors including HS, EM, ARC 600 and ARC 700
• Target cJTAG/JTAG clock rates up to 100MHz
• Target voltage range: 0.9V to 3.6V
• Up to 4 MB/s high speed download
• Auto-conditioning for fast cJTAG/JTAG clock frequencies
• Multi-core debugging support
• Hot-plug support for post-mortem debugging
• Supports Flash Programming and FPGA Programming
• Powered by USB interface – no external power-supply required
• Display/read/write of target system memory and peripheral registers
• Run/stop control of target application including go, halt, step over, step into and step out

Ashling’s ULTRA-XD is a high-performance real-time trace probe for embedded development and debug on Synopsys’ DesignWare® ARC® EM and HS processors. Developed in cooperation with Synopsys, the Ultra-XD probe integrates with the MetaWare or GNU GDB Debuggers under Windows or Linux based hosts

• RTT support for Synopsys’ DesignWare ARC EM and HS processors.
• Large trace storage: 4GB on-board trace storage memory in Ultra-XD Trace Probe
• High speed trace capture:
• Parallel trace (up to 16-bits)
• Trace port frequency up to 400MHz DDR (double-data rate)
• Serial Gigabit trace: up to 4 lanes at speeds of up to 6.4Gb/s per lane
• 50-bit, 5ns resolution timestamp generator
• Multi-core trace support
• Automatic configuration for target voltage from 0.4V to 3.6V
• Automatic calibration of trace clock/data skew adjustment
• Supports all ARC hardware-debug standards including cJTAG, JTAG and NEXUS (Trace)
• 38-way Mictor target connector support
• Ultra-XD is integrated into the MetaWare IDE providing full hardware-based debug and Real-time Trace (RTT) capabilities
• MetaWare IDE version MWDT J-2014.06 or later is required for Ultra-XD and RTT suppor


Opella-XD-MIPS is a high-speed EJTAG debug probe for embedded development on MIPS configurable RISC cores. The Opella-XD-MIPS probe integrates with Ashling’s PathFinder-XD Eclipse based source debugger under Windows or Linux based hosts

• Fast, easy-to-install USB 2.0 Probe interfaces to host PC or Linux workstation
• Code download to target at over 3MB/s
• Target EJTAG clock rates from 1KHz up to 100MHz
• Fast in-target Flash Programming
• Supports all MIPSTM hardware-debug standards: EJTAG 4.10, 3.10, 2.6x, 2.5x, 2.0x and 1.5x
• Wide target voltage range: 0.9V to 3.6V
• Versatile Target-Reset and Test-Port-Reset support
• Hot-plug support for post mortem debugging

NXP POWER Architecture

VITRA-PPC Trace probe is a powerful networked Emulation and Trace system for embedded development with NXP ‘s Power Architecture® devices using the NEXUS 5001 on-chip debug interface.

• Vitra debugging is completely non-intrusive and requires no target system resources. Together with Ashling’s PathFinder source-level debugger, Vitra provides powerful run/stop control of embedded software, with hardware and software breakpoints.
• Vitra provides fast code download to the target system, and allows control and interrogation of all core-processor and system resources. Vitra incorporates high speed Ethernet, USB and serial connections to the host PC.
• Vitra provides full Instruction Trace and Data Trace using the NEXUS 5001 standard on-chip debug interface.

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*ARC is a trademark of Synopsys
*MIPS is a trademark of MIPS
*NEXUS 5001 is a trademark of NXP