Thunderbench for TI MSP430

ThunderBench for MSP430 is the most comprehensive and best integration of a C/C++ compiler, debugger and IDE within the Eclipse platform for any MAP430 device.The integration and the fine crafting of Eclipse made by Emprog in its ThunderBench have not only removed the age old gap between what used to be called ‘proprietary’ and ‘open technology’, but even gone beyond.

Overview of Benefits

• Eclipse-based platform with lots of added plugins focused on embedded MSP430.
• Complete embedded project handling.
• MSP430 Project Creation WIZARDS.
• Easy Access to 100+ examples and ready-to-use BSPs for current and popular target boards.
• Access to ThunderCloud for more up-to-date sample projects & BSPs.
• Eclipse standardization will remove the pain from changing IDEs.
• Avoid sticky proprietary development solutions.
• Includes individual LIVE technical support.
• Third-party plugins can be easily integrated.
• Quick start guide and high quality video tutorials.
• Special pricing for startups, R&D designs, and projects in prototyping phase.

Supported chip vendors

If your choice is not listed, contact Emprog for an update!

• Texas Instruments MSP430

For more info on the MSP430 Development tools, please Contact Emprog.

*MSP430TM is a trade mark of Texax Instruments