Embedded Graphical Design Services

Emprog offers specialized services in embedded graphical design, GUI Implementation, User Experience Concept creation, graphical assets design such as screens, menus, widgets, animations, and any display layout needed.


Service Summary

Package 1: User Interface (UI) Prototype

Creating a quick prototype to showcase a proof of concept using off the shelf eval board (or custom hardware).

Package 2: Complete UI Implementation on Hardware

We implement your UI directly into H/W using your embedded GUI framework and either a choice of an off-the-shelf evaluation kit or your own custom hardware.

Package 3: User Experience Concept

Working with customers (onsite or remote) to create a fully documented UX Concept for their product.

Package 4: Graphic Design Work

Based on the customer’s UX Concept, we offer the service of creating the digital artwork, screens, widgets, animations and any graphics needs.

Package 5: Professional Support and Assistance

Make use of our professional support services to help you get started with your embedded GUI framework, resolve any issues, and overcome any technical bumps.

For more info, Contact Emprog with a short summary of your needs and we will get back to you.


PACKAGE 1 – User Interface (UI) Prototype

In 14 days with our teams of expert you can move your UI Concept to the next stage with a UI prototype application. Get a live demo ready to run on real hardware with our UI Prototype package in about two weeks.

You provide us with a selection of few main screens and interactions and you get back a full functioning prototype on any off-the-shelf evaluation Kit or even directly on your target hardware. We can also provide you with demo application running on a PC to share with your stakeholders. All the prototype application source code will be provided thus giving you a great base to start building your final application. Impress your customers and persuade decision makers with a physical product in hand. Our team knows GUI framework and understands the best ways to match your hardware. We will have a startup, status, and delivery meeting, all held virtually along with some structured correspondence.

Deliver Your Design Files

Join our GUI experts in a web meeting to specify the scope of the demo, share information about the selected hardware, hand over and discuss design elements ready for implementation, and plan the following work. If you need help with the design, we can do that as well, please contact Emprog

Give Feedback

Our team works independently to complete the demo. At a web meeting, we present the current state of the project to you and you can share with your stakeholders. The presentation is the focal point for feedback and comments to implement in our further work.

Receive Your UI Prototype Application

The final touch-point in this package. At a web meeting, you get to see your prototype application running on PC and your selected hardware. We also provide you with the application code, giving you a great base to build your final application from.


PACKAGE 2 – UI Implementation

Save time and have our experienced embedded GUI team complete the UI implementation on your hardware selection. Our team is regularly doing these UI Implementations for many customers; they will be able to quickly bring up your Ux/UI to life using your own Hardware. As a value added, they can also work with you in making any last minute changes or improvement based on your needs.

TouchGFX Wearable Embedded Wizard Wearable


As an example, we can quickly implement your Ux/UI requirement which may include:

• Scrolling List

• Swiping screens (whichever direction)

• Menu driven controls

• Widget implementation

• Graphic Containers

• And any other graphical user interface needs


PACKAGE 3 – User Experience and Interface (Ux/UI) Concept

Through field studies, development of personas and scenarios, competitor analysis, and more, our experienced user experience designers can help create a great user-centric experience for your product.

In 20 days with our team of experts, we create a Ux/UI concept package for your product. You get everything you need to build a smooth and modern interface that wins users’ hearts and market shares. Starting out with two-day workshop (onsite or in our offices), we co-create everything you need to build a modern and responsive interface that boosts your brand and improves the experience of your product. Our team of UX and UI experts is fluent in embedded GUI design needs and understands how to put your customers center stage. A co-creation workshop spanning two days, two feedback sessions, and 20 days is all we need to deliver the final UX Concept. You will get everything from interaction design over graphic design to front-end specifications delivered ready for implementation, a custom graphic design, detailed screen specifications, and wireframes to guide your implementation.

Participate in a Two-Day Workshop

Your stakeholders join forces with our Ux/UI experts to specify the scope of the concept, sketch a use flow and structure of the interface, and find the right tone and style of the design. Our tried and tested methods ensure that we meet your business goals.

Give Feedback

Our experts start working on the final concept. We send you a rough version of our work in order to get your feedback and validate the design. We do this twice before the final delivery. Feedback is given at a virtual meeting and our experts make sure to document it all for further work.

Receive the Final Concept

After two iterations, we send you the final UI Concept ready for implementation. You receive the graphical design guideline and specifications for all screens in a ps.file, cut out assets, and wireframes to guide your implementation. If you need help with the implementation see our UI Prototype-package.


PACKAGE 4 – Graphics Layout and Design

A team of digital art designers using cutting edge technology is ready to help you create the graphics and the menus you need to show on your LCD display. With an embedded-focus in mind and years of experience creating the user interface of dozens of products, our team will speed up any embedded graphical solution you have in mind.

Our Innovation & Design team boasts over ten years of successful operation. Our projects vary greatly from quick interface fixes, over large-scale user research and strategy analysis, to 360° design solutions including complete design suites. For more info, contact Emprog with a short summary of your needs and we will get back to you.


PACKAGE 5 – Professional Support and Assistance

Use our professional support services to quickly get started with your embedded GUI framework, resolve issues, and overcome any technical bumps. We offer professional technical support and assistance based on hourly packages. Starting with our 10-hr support pack, you will be able to talk, discuss, and resolve the most technically challenging situations you are encountering, get up to speed faster, and spend more time on your embedded control application rather than the workings of the GUI.

Other support packages are also available, contact us and let us know what your needs are and we’d happy to help.

For more info on any of the services above, please Contact Emprog with a short summary of your needs and we will get back to you.