ThunderBench for ARM Cortex

TouchGFX Embedded GUI


TouchGFX Embedded GUI

TouchGFX Embedded GUI

TouchGFX™ is a unique software framework that brings smartphone look & feel into most Cortex-M devices. Fraction of the cost unlocks the graphical user interface (GUI) performance of any low-resource hardware. TouchGFX can be loaded seamlessly into your development process (available for Keil, IAR, GCC based tools including ThunderBench for ARM).

TouchGFX™ come with a high level UI Designer that handles all your images, animation,  transitions, interaction, swiping, scrolling, fonts, languages, widgets and custom UI containers.


Percepio Tracealyzer

Amazing runtime insight for developers of RTOS-based embedded software application during debugging, validation and optimization.

Tracealyzer reveals what is actually going on in embedded and IoT systems during runtime. Trace the real-time behavior of your operating system and application, gain insight with sophisticated visualization. Available for several operating systems, including FreeRTOS, Micrium µC/OS, ThreadX, Linux and Wind River VxWorks.


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RISC-V Solutions

ARM Compiler Debugger and IDE


RISC-V Solutions

With its close cooperation and partnership with leading RISC-V IP and tools manufactures, Emprog is offering a one-stop-shop RISC-V complete development solution which includes the following:

• RISC-V Debug Tool and IDE
RISC-V SOC (System-on-chip) and IP development services
RISC-V Simulation and Virtual Platforms
RISC-V Embedded Services


Elprotronic Gang Programmers

Elprotronic flash and gang programmers is a collection of flash programmers for most of the ARM-Cortex and MS430 devices. Designed from the ground as a fast downloader to quickly flash the on-chip memory of embedded microcontrollers.

Using standard USB port connection to a JTAG socket and running at a download speed of 1 Mbytes/sec, this puts Elprotronic programmers on top of the flasher line in the market and a must have tool for any ARM or MSP430 design.


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ARM Compiler Debugger and IDE  

ARM Keil Compiler Debugger and IDE


Embedded Graphical Design

Emprog offers specialized services in embedded graphical design of menus, widgets, animations, screens and any display layout needed.

A team of digital art designers using cutting edge technology is ready to help you create the graphics and the menus you need to show on your LCD display. With an embedded-focus in mind and years of experience creating the user interface of dozens of products, this team will speed up any embedded graphical solution you have in mind.

For more info, contact Emprog with a short summary of your needs and we will get back to you with a plan.


ARM Development Tools

Keil MDK is the complete software development environment for a wide range of ARM® Cortex-M based microcontroller devices. MDK includes the µVision IDE and debugger, Arm C/C++ compiler, and essential middleware components. It supports all silicon vendors with over 4000 devices and is easy to learn and use.

It also comes with CMSIS-RTOS RTX (source code), a full-featured, commercial grade RTOS which is fully configurable and has no restrictions.


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MSP430    Emprog ThunderBench

ThunderBench For MSP430®

ThunderBench for TI MSP430® is the first supported commercial and comprehensive integration of a C/C++ compiler, debugger and IDE within the Eclipse platform for any MSP430 device.

A unique crafting of an embedded Eclipse made by Emprog in its ThunderBench, highlights and makes it easy to start your low powered embedded applications on an MSP430 or your IoT solutions coupled with the CC31XX.

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ThunderBench For ARM®

ThunderBench for ARM® Cortex™ is an Eclipse based comprehensive integration of a C/C++ compiler, debugger Editor and IDE for any ARM Cortex device. Single download and installation.

ThunderBench not only removes the age old gap between what used to be called 'proprietary' and 'open technology', but even goes beyond it. Comes with ThunderCloud, a large ready-to-use repository of BSP’s

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ARM Compiler Debugger and IDE     

Welcome To Emprog

Emprog offers a range of products and services uniquely packaged for the engineering and embedded development market. We offer a collection of tools & solutions that embedded system engineers need to kickoff their development environment. With ARM-MDK, TouchGFX, Tracealyser, XStream,  ThunderBench, and Embedded GUI Services our clients will experience a better out-of-the-box experience and even better technical support.

Emprog has the unique advantage of being in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA within close proximity to many high-tech companies, chip vendors and industry shows & events. 

Emprog solutions support a wide range of Cortex devices such as Cortex-M0+, Cortex-M1, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, Cortex-M7, Cortex-H7, Cortex-A and Cortex-R, making this architecture an easy fit for most embedded applications.


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