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IoT Embedded Market

  The embedded industry is buzzing with IoT (Internet of Things). One thinks there is a race between all the chipvendors and tool vendors to get on board the IoT train. At a time any real engineer is doing embedded development, they can easily realize that IoT, as a concept, is not new and that connectivity was a big thing a decade ago. So what makes this wave of IoT different than its predecessor? One word: standardization.

We don’t want to burst the bubble of IoT, but it is important to differentiate it from prior wireless connectivity which used to be turning on your toaster using your mobile phone. The ambition now is for many devices, no matter what they are, will be able to communicate, transfer information, and be combined to make life much easier and processes more efficient. Imagine your house knowing that no one is in it and automatically switching to ‘away’ thermostat status and your water heater going to ‘vacation mode’ heating. Imagine your wake-up-alarm automatically going off earlier if heavy traffic conditions were reported. All that can be achieved if standardization is adapted within the broad definition of “Maker Industry”.

To achieve standardization, we need to learn more about devices and what they can do. First are the “Network Aware Devices”. These devices should be able to know which network they are on and what other devices are on that same network. The idea here is that Network Aware Devices will be able to communicate with each other on the same network without the need of going back to a common server.

Second are the “Context Aware Devices”. These devices will be able to identify their own ability and also learn the ability of other context devices. Such devices will be able to run their own services, whatever they are designed to do, and pass along their data to other devices that may need it. With such context aware devices, the internet can and will change from being DATA focused to SERVICE centric - and that’s a good thing.



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