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The Medical industry in one of the fastest growing industries in the embedded market. Many factors are impacting the growth in Medical electronics. One main factor is the increasing number of senior citizens in advanced countries. Another factor is increasing demand in developing countries for basic health care as they experience new prosperity. As a response to this trend, the overall market of medical electronics has expanded over the past few years and is expected to grow even more. New innovations in IC design help make medical systems more efficient, smaller, accurate, affordable, and less power consuming.

Medical advancement in the areas of Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Glucose Monitoring devices, Oximeters, diagnostic equipment and many others have led to a significant growth in companies focused on providing medical equipment for hospital and/or in-home use. Needless to say most of these instruments includes significant amount of work in the Embedded Programming area.

Engineers working on embedded projects in the Medical field have their plate full of standards and guidelines to follow. It is important for them to make sure that the development tools they use won’t be a limitation if or when they need to choose another embedded MCU or device. A sticky development solution is not what the embedded medical industry needs. What it needs is more of a flexible and open solution. Emprog ThunderBench fits in right there in line with the same mind frame of the Medical embedded application developer. With an Eclipse based IDE, the tools offer the guaranteed flexibility of moving in between targets with the same familiar IDE used among the entire engineering team.

Emprog’s enhanced integration of ThunderBench keeps the embedded focus dead center on the usage of the tools. With many improved plugins, Emprog offers the following to engineers in the medical industry:

• Widely used and thoroughly tested IDE/Compiler
• Enhancement/Integration of Eclipse components with complete focus on your embedded target device
• Target specific fully functioning project creator utility/wizard getting you up to speed in literally couple of minutes
• Large number of ready to use BSPs

The Emprog team has has over two decades of experience in offering, selling and supporting the Medical industry. Our technical team is savvy about the industry needs and the expectations of an embedded application within the medical industry.





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