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Industrial Control

In the last few years, some major development work took place in the Industrial control space. New demands and advancement in critical infrastructures led to more innovation, efficiency, and most importantly, remote monitoring and control. Transportation systems, chemical facilities, manufacturing, electrical plants/grid and several other industry needs, and will need even more in the future, to use proper control, command networks, and other systems (remote or not) to support the design of industrial processes.

One major transformation in Industrial Control systems was a shift from isolated proprietary systems to more interconnected and open architecture, and using standards featuring networks and internet connectivity. This added more opportunities for Embedded Systems in the industrial control space to innovate, inject standardization, remote control enablement, routers, and a trend to use more off-the shelf software. With that, comes some important concerns in using internet connection, which may be vulnerable to computer networking issues, and giving rise to more important embedded systems designs in that space.

Building new robust and protected embedded systems designs for the Industrial market is now one of the main engineering challenges of this industry. Embedded devices such as microcontrollers are an important part of any of these platforms. One important choice a software engineer needs to make is which right off-the-shelf development tools to use, what kind of support they can get from the vendor and especially make sure they don't end up locked in a sticky development solutions that will limit their device choices in the future.

Emprog ThunderBench fits in right there in line with the same mind frame of the Industrial Control embedded application developer. With an Eclipse based IDE, the tools offer the guaranteed flexibility of moving in between targets with the same familiar IDE used among the entire engineering team.

Emprog's enhanced integration of ThunderBench keeps the embedded focus dead center on the usage of the tools. With many improved plugins, Emprog offers the engineers in this industry the following:

• Widely used and thoroughly tested IDE/Compiler
• Enhancement/Integration of Eclipse component with complete focus on your embedded target device
• Target-specific and fully functioning project creator utility/wizard getting you up to speed in literally couple of minutes
• Large number of ready to use BSPs

The Emprog's team has has over two decades of experience in offering, selling and supporting the Industrial Control industry. Our technical team is savvy about the industry needs and the expectations of an embedded application within this industry.



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