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Embedded Market

The embedded industry spans the globe. Semiconductor companies are constantly improving and adding new microcontroller technology. The need for the right tools to program an embedded design has never been stronger than today.

32-bit ARM/Cortex architecture is becoming a dominant device in most embedded applications. The fact that ARM architecture has been adopted by big companies like Atmel, Freescale, NXP, STMicroelectonics, Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs/EnergyMicro and many others is a testimony to the popularity of this architecture.

A wide range of Cortex devices are available such as Cortex-M0, Cortex-M1, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, and the Cortex-A and R series making this architecture an easy fit for most embedded application size. With the increase in number of devices shipped, and the need for more MCU based product to meet the next technological trend, design engineers are under constant pressure to make decision on both Hardware as well as Software. Some even say that software is becoming as important, if not more, as hardware.

The trend of embedded intelligence or intelligent systems will soon account for over one third of all embedded systems design. With the expectation of more than 50 billion connected devices by the year 2020, an interconnected environment of intelligent systems will soon become a reality.

With higher software demands, the development tools market is getting stronger and the need for software solutions and ready-to-use same applications is also getting higher. This is a shift to software as a critical element of the engineering embedded programming process. Some of the key drivers for better software solutions are the increase in complexity of embedded projects, shrinking time-to-market windows and the need for constant innovation.

Most forecasters in the embedded market see continued growth in embedded designs, proliferation of embedded devices, growth in the mobile and connectivity market, more complex systems, increased software content and more utilization of development tools

Emprog offers an important component of the embedded development process. Its flagship product ThunderBench is a complete C/C++ development system designed from the ground up with complete focus on embedded designs. Using open technology standards such as Eclipse, the tools offer the guaranteed flexibility for engineers to move between target devices - an important feature in a competitive embedded market.

Emprog's enhanced integration of ThunderBench keeps the embedded focus dead center on the usage of the tools. With many improved plugins, Emprog's offers extra advantages such as:

•Widely used and thoroughly tested IDE/Compiler.
•Embedded project creator wizard.
•Large number of ready to use BSP's.
•Easy interface with many other third party plugins.

The Emprog team has 22+ years experience in offering, selling and supporting the embedded industry. Our technical team is very savvy about the industry's needs and what software engineers expect from their development tool.





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