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Consumer Electronics

With the advancement of technology, there is no better place for growth than electronics used by consumers. That's the consumer electronics market. Electronics equipment from camcorders, music players, TV's, GPS etc. are invading the personal and consumer space. Add to that a trend of ever-falling prices gained by critical mass acceptance and efficiency in production, and using lower cost labor in other countries. The new trend of inter-connectivity has added even more desirable features of interconnected devices that can be used by the same consumer.

Embedded devices such as microcontrollers are already an important part of any consumer device. To meet the challenges of a growing consumer needs, engineers working on embedded design have to always be on the cutting edge of technology. The time to market and production cost have already become a critical factor in the success or failure of a new product.

Every embedded design needs development tools, and of course, with the right choice of development tools, engineers can and will be able to contribute to the success of their products by focusing on acquiring the best quality-to-price ratio toolset.

Emprog ThunderBench fits in right there in line with the same mind frame of the Consumer Electronics embedded application developer. With an Eclipse based IDE, the tools offer the guaranteed flexibility of moving in between targets with the same familiar IDE used among the entire engineering team.

Emprog's enhanced integration of ThunderBench keeps the embedded focus dead center on the usage of the tools. With many improved plugins, Emprog offers the following to engineers in the this industry:

• Widely used and thoroughly tested IDE/Compiler
• Enhancement/Integration of Eclipse component with complete focus on your embedded target device
• Target specific fully functioning project creator utility/wizard getting you up to speed in, literally, couple of minutes
• Large number of ready to use BSPs

The Emprog team has has over two decades of experience in offering, selling and supporting the Consumer industry. Our technical team is savvy about the industry needs and the expectations of an embedded application within the Consumer industry.




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