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In today’s world, a vehicle is more than just a method of transportation that takes you from point A to point B, it is a sophisticated machine that includes, among other many advanced electro-mechanical innovations, a large number of electronic devices such CPUs and MCUs.  These embedded devices are engaged in time-critical communication and undergo rugged testing since they are expected to function at a wide range of the temperature spectrum.

As most automotive design engineers know, there are specific standards that are expected to be followed. Add to that a large number of extra features such as backup cameras and corner sensors that are becoming part of new standards (or soon will be). With such demand on automotive embedded designs, engineers are constantly trying to standardize their development process, and one part of that process is the choice of development tool.

Emprog ThunderBench fits in line within the same mind frame of the Automotive embedded application developer.  With an Eclipse based IDE, the tools offer the guaranteed flexibility of moving in between targets with the same familiar IDE used among the entire engineering team.

Emprog’s enhanced integration of ThunderBench keeps the embedded focus dead center on the usage of the tools. With many improved plugins, Emprog offers the following to automotive engineers:

• Widely used and thoroughly tested IDE/Compiler
• Enhancement/Integration of Eclipse components with complete focus on your embedded target device
• Target specific fully functioning project creator utility/wizard getting you up to speed in literally couple of minutes
• Large number of ready to use BSPs

The Emprog team has over two decades of experience in offering, selling and supporting the Automotive industry. Our technical team is savvy about what the industry needs and the expectations of an embedded application within the Automotive industry.




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